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Round Robin Info


What is a "round robin"?

A round robin is a group of 4-12 stitchers that can live anywhere in the world. Each person in the group chooses a "theme" and starts a project according to a set of guidelines. Then at established mailing dates each stitcher mails the project on to the next stitcher for them to stitch on. As you mail a project out, you will receive a different one in return to stitch on. This continues until each person in the group receives their own project back, complete and stitched on by each person in the group.

What do you mean by a "theme"?

Think of a theme as a "subject" for your project. It can be anything that you want it to be. Some popular themes have been: teddy bears, flowers, angels, hearts, animals, and Christmas. If you are looking on the round robin roster and a person has a set theme such as "santa only", then everyone stitching in that group would be stitching a santa on that person's project only.

When does a robin start and how can I join?

Available round robins are listed in the "round robin roster". Robins begin as they become filled (sometimes depending on the time of year, it may take a while for a robin to fill). The type of information that you can find with the robin listing in the roster is as follows: how large the group will be, who is already signed up, project themes, fabric type, fabric count that you are allowed to use, and possibly a start date. If you find a robin that you would like to join, please fill out the RR questionnaire and e-mail it back to me. Also, special group requests are accepted and encouraged such as bell-pull style only, bands only, borders only.... the possibilities are endless so be creative.

How long does all this take?

This is a commitment of several months! But PLEASE do not let that scare you away, they are a lot of fun. There are three factors that determine how long a round robin will take to complete:

How large is my project going to be?

First it depends on how many stitchers are in the group. Secondly, it depends on the how you choose to layout your project. Most people choose to have their project look like a sampler, while some choose to divide one large pattern. If you choose sampler style, you may want to jazz it up a bit by using decorative borders to define the stitching areas. If you choose to divide one large pattern, you have to make sure that it is not larger than the maximum size allowed in the guidelines. Then you will have to determine what the stitching areas are going to be. Be creative.... please do not think that your project has to be all one piece of fabric. You may choose to use several smaller pieces of fabric. Remember this is your project, you choose how it will look and how large it will be.

Materials and Cost?

FABRIC: If you are in an Aida round robin you will need a piece of Aida. If you are in a linen/evenweave round robin you will need either a piece of linen or evenweave (your choice). The count of the fabric is your choice, unless specified on the round robin roster.

FIBERS: Use DMC FLOSS ONLY as it is available around the world, where as other brands may not be. If you would like to use any specialty fibers (such as metallics, whisper, etc...) you must send those along with your project as well as any embellishments (such as beads, charms, buttons.....) that you would like to have used on your project.

POSTAGE: All packages within the US must be sent 1st class. Packages going out of the US or coming into the US from another country must be sent Airmail. Any robin that has participants from "overseas" I ask that each stitcher please send a couple of dollars sealed in an envelope with the person's name on it that actually has to mail your project overseas. That way one stitcher won't get stuck paying all the postage to send overseas because that just wouldn't be fair. This is something that I do keep track of.

Packaging: Your project should be put in a ziploc bag along with some other information (see guidelines) and mailed in a padded envelope.