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Needlework.FAQ: designers and design companies..>
alphabetic order list of designers and design companies,>terrific for finding a certain type of design..also includes>a terrific section on Disney..where to get it and what>you get and so on..>> Historical and Cultural References..>

some very interesting links to various cultural and>historical needlework topics> >

SUPPORT PAGE FOR VARIOUS DESIGNERS> TEXTILES DICTIONARY...>> BERTHA'S LIST OF CRAFT CATALOGS..>>> CROSS STITCH TRADERS>>> HARD TO FIND NEEDLEWORKBOOKS..>>> BARB'S INDEX.. >(excellent source of designer addresses)>> Blackwork Embroidery Archives..>>> SHARON'S NEEDLEWORK STITCH DICTIONARY..> >l>>if you have trouble accessing it..>try the following url then click on dictionary>>> FLOSS LISTS FOR TW PATTERNS..>>> TW DESIGNS LISTING...>> > NEEDLEWORK INDEX (HOW TO..STITCHES)>> > Anchor to DMC Floss Conversion:>>> DMC to Anchor Floss Conversion:>>> DMC to Ginnie Thompson FlowerThread Conversion>>> Washing and Blocking of Needlework:>>>> What is Blackwork:>> > Historic Needlework Guild..>> A Guide to Needlepoint:>>> OnLine FREEBIE FINDER.. free patterns on the net for xstitch>>> CROSS STITCH RESOURCES FREE CHART LIST..>>> SILK RIBBON EMAIL LIST..>>this is an email discussion list.. you must register>with ONELIST.. its free!> > SKYHOOKS CROSS STITCH INFORMATION..>>> FRAMING TIPS..>>

Needlework Designers WebRing >>> NEEDLEWORK LINKS SITES...(to find tons of cross stitch sites)> A Great Notion Sewing Supply Co.> AccroStitch (European xstitch site)>> Annabella's CrossStitch Corner..>> Au Ver a Soie..> Carolyn's Treasured Works & Surfing Paths..> > Christie's Cabin..> Counted CrossStitch..People,Stores,Software..>> Count Me In..newsletter > > COUTURE's Xstitch Place ..> > CraftWeb..> Crossroads Cross Stitch Links..>> Dorothy's Stitch Me page..> ECN Embroider the Web..> Examplar's Stitching Page..> Fiona's Craft Links page..> Francy's CraftLinks..> Heartland Homefront Crafts Index> InStitches @ Tracey's Table..>> Kim's Cross Stitch Links..> Lara's Needlework Page..>> Marci's Site Menu..>> Mary's Craft Corner..> Mary's Cross Stitch..> Maus' Place..> Medieval Renaissance Design Sources...>> Medieval Embroidery by Master Richard Wymarc..> > Mickey's CrossStitch and Needlework Resources...>> Mining Company..crafts..> Needlecraft Showcase Newsletter..> > Needlepoint Links..> Needlework Links List..> Needlework Links Page..> Needlework Resources by WestView designs..>> No Frills Needlework Resource List..> > Peri K's RCTN Stitchers Pages..> Pomegranate Guild links page..>> Quarter Stitch..>> Rosemary's Stitching Page..> The Sampler Site..> Sandy and Marks Page of Links..> > Stockert Family CrossStitch page..>> UK Sites of Special Stitching Interest..>> Yarntree's Links to xstitch/needlework..>>>

SOME NEEDLEWORK DESIGN SITES AND SOME MAILORDER SITES..> 1-2-3 Stitch.. > 2 Busy Stitching..> Accents in Stitches> Adobe Needlework..> African X-Stitch> Agneta Engman Designs.. wildlife, & British Nat'l Heritage designs> > Ailsa's Cross Stitch> Aion Designs..> Allyson's Needlecrafts..> Always & Forever Needleart..>> American School of Needlework site..>> Amybear Needlepoints & X-Stitch> Anna G Brazilian Embroidery> Anne Powell Ltd..> Arnsby Crafts.. UK source for historical Hampshire xstitch kits..>> Arts & Crafts Corner..> Art House Designs Needlepoint> Artisan Design Inc..(gazelle stands)> Artist's Needle..> Artistry In Stitching.. >> At River's End Design Gallery> Aylstone Needlecrafts..> Barbara Thompson Designs.. art deco, art nouveau etc.. kits..>> Bartlett Caesar & Partners.. UK source for bobbin lacemaking>supplies..>> Beakers Exotic Xstitch> Beth Katz's Cross Stitch Page..>> BlackSwan Designs..> Brambles.. Needlework supplies in UK>> Brick Stitch House> BritterCup Creations..> Bude Woolcrafts.. needlework supplies UK> > C-Stitch> Calico Crossroads..> Calico Threads.. floss & fibre source in Scotland..>> Campden Needlecraft Centre..UK source crewel,embroidery,needlepoint>> Canvas Creations ..> Canvas The Point..> Carol Bond Originals ..> > Caron Collection..> Cathie's Cupboard..> Celtic Designs..> Charlescraft..> Charmwoven Labels links page..>> Chartmakers (reproduction samplers)>> Chatelaine by Martina Weber..> Churchstile Designs.. luxury tapestry designs in UK>> Cirencester Needlecrafts..> Claire Burke Fine Art (hand painted canvases)..>> Classics in the Making> Classic Stitches..> ClearStar Designs..> > Clwyd needlecrafts..> CM Barr Designs> Cotton Crossing..> Couchman Creations..> COUNTED CROSS STITCH DISCONTINUED BOOKS..>> Country and Colonial..> Country Sampler> Country Cross-Stitcher UK source for needlework supplies..>> THE CRAFT EXCHANGE..> > Craft Equipment Exchange Newsletter..> Crafts from PAN> Craftsmens' Studio.. duplicate stitch supplies>> CraftyLinks WW Arts&CraftsMall..> Craftsoft Inc.. > Creative Keepsakes.. (sorority logos, greek alphabets, etc..)>> Cross My Heart Inc..> Cross Stitch Collectibles..> Cross Stitch Criteria..> Cross Stitch Plus> CrossStitcher magazine..> CrossCountry Stitching magazine..>> Cross Stitch Designs by Jeanie Attenhofer>> CrossStitch Gallery magazine..>> Cross the Lilliebridge..> CrossStitchZone..> CrossStitch Cupboard..> Cross Stitch Wonders>

Dakota Winds..> Dancing Needle Designs ..>> David Merry Designs.. stunning designs in Needlepoint..>> DeLatour Designs.. > Denise Nicee's Needlework Nook..>> Design It (UK site)> > Designs by Gloria & Pat..> Designer Stitches.. winnie the pooh source in UK>> DMC website.. > Douglas Designs..> DouglasDesigns Stitching tips.. >> DozyRosy's Demon Jumpstation..>> Dragon Dreams..> Drawn Thread.. > Dreams Come True Crafts Supplies>> DutchTreat Needlecrafts..> Eagle Designs> Ehrman Tapestries..> Elizabeth Bradley Designs >> Ellizabeth R Anderson Miniature Embroideries..>> Ellen's Cross Stitch Designs> ERA Designs.. Irish Designs, historic buildings etc..>> Essamplaire..> Ewe-Nique Stitches> Examplar's Stitching Page..>> F.A.Edmunds Needlework & Quilting Frames>> Fabrics2U..> FACES.. (Petstitch) cats, dogs,etc..> Farmhouse Designs.. stonehenge, etc..> > Flossminder Webpage> Friends in Needlework Designs> Friendstitch> Fun 2 Do Needlework/Quilting & Craft supplies in UK> > GardenFairies Trading Company (needlework)>> Gavial .. tapestry & xstitch designs>> Gingher Scissors.. > Glorafilia.. tapestry & needlepoint supplies in UK> > Glyta's Needle Arts.. (petit point supplies)>> Graceful Touch Designs..> Green Apple Designs..> Greenduck Designs.. > Green Knight. . King Arthur,Excalibur,dragons,holy grail xstitch>> Green Mountain Linens.> Gumnut Yarns (hand-dyed silk and wool embroidery threads)> > HoffmanDistributing Online Reference Catalog..>> HandWork Samplers> Heart's Content..> Heartfelt Designs> > HeartlandHouse designs.. (Frank L Wright etc.)>> Heather Saunders Designs.. sports, cars, harley davidson, etc..>> Helen Gibbs Silk Ribbon Embroidery> Henley Needlecrafts..> Hen's Nest.. > Heritage Needlework Designs..>> Heritage Stitchcraft..> Hill & Company .. rug and needlepoint kits.. in UK>> Hillcroft House.. (coat of arms etc)>The Hobby Hut>HollyHouse Designs..>Homespun Elegance..>Homestead Needlearts >Hook-n-Needle...>In The Stitch of Time..original designs in counted Xstitch..>>Insignia Imprints Xstitch (Military insignia to charts)> >Irish CrossStitch Website..>>IvaCrafter's HomePage..>Jane Greenoff Designs.. interesting needlework design kits in UK>>Janet Granger Designs.. miniature dollhouse kit designs in UK>>Jay's Stitching Tips for Rainbow threads..>>Jazzbird Designs..>Jill Gordon Designs.. needlepoint floral designs in UK>>Jill Oxton's Xstitch Australia..>>Julia Murton Collection.. Japanese/Oriental themed kits>>Julie Anne Designs.. xstitch teddybears, etc... kits in UK>>Julie Oliver's Xstitch Patterns..>>June Grigg Designs..>Just Nan.. >Karen Land Designs.. assortment includes dinosaur alphabet>>Karen M Hankla Designs>Katy's Discount Cross-Stitch Charts..>>Kinetic Designs.. needlework kits supplier in UK>>Kitty and Me CountryCrafts>KJ Kreations..>Kooler Design Studio..>Kreinik Website..>Lady jylythe's Lair (fantasy links)>>Lanarte xstitch site..>Landmark Tapestries.. >>Lattuca Designs..>Lazy Daisy .. Fantasy xstitch designs in UK>>Lena Rose Stitch & Threads>Lenham Needlecraft.. source for appleton crewel & tapestry wools>>Lisa Overduin Designs..>Lesa Steele Designs..>LIGHTHOUSE CROSS-STITCH PATTERNS LIST..> >Lone Deer Sonagolese ..>Lori's Collection..>>Lorrac Designs..>Loretta Spears Mystery Projects..>>Lorri Birmingham..>Lucie Heaton Designs..>Lyndisframe xstitch Designs..Castles,antique tractors,discworld>>McIntosh Samplers..>Madeira Fibers..>Mar Habans Cross Stitch>MarianaLiza Goblen .. rug,tablecloth,and xstitch projects.>>Marshall Football Collection.. xstitch designs of UK football(soccer)>teams>>Mary-Jo Cole Needlework.>Mary's Craft Corner..>Masterplan CrossStitch.. limited edition kits, transport,fairies etc..>>MasterStitch Designs.>MAVIS ..needlework and knitting supplies in UK>>Meineck Designs.. egyptian, fantasy,mythology, map of Cornwall,etc.>>Melonie's Craft and Frames..>>Metamorphosis Needlework> >Milestone Designs.. Celtic and Welsh xstitch kits..> >MillHill Beads..>Mirabilia Designs.. >Monomania.. (needlepoint canvas designs)> >Moonheart Designs..>MTM Needlecrafts.. xstitch, tapestry, embroidery in UK>>Mufu's Xstitch.. >Musgrave Designs.. Scottish and Celtic kits..>>Museum Masterpieces by Kay Montclare>>Nancy Spruance Designs..>Nancy Spruance Floss Lists.. >>Needlecraft Corner..>Needlecraft Showcase..>Needlecrafts Unlimited..>Needle Necessities..>Needle Passion (hand painted canvases)>>Needlenook..>Needlepointer..>NeedleWeaving by Ruth.. >>The NeedleWeb..>NeedleWeb Post your Question.. >>New Thought Designs by Stacey Buck..>>Nick and Ann Designs.. beautiful/unusual charts/kits>>NMarts Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases>Nordic Needle..>Nostalgia Needlework CrossStitch Embroidery..>>Online E-bay Auction..>

Old Bank House.. Scottish and Pictish designs>>Old Tollgate Village Stitchery..>Paula Vaughan Homepage..>>Past Masters..>Pearman Cross Stitch..>>Pegasus Designs website..>Perfecthandwork..>Petit-Point Gallery.>Pocket Dragons..>Pocket Full of Stitches.. >PMJ Fiberfarm Xstitch>Prairiesoft Needle Point Basics.. design software for plastic canvas>>Precision Cross Stitch Designs..>Purple Needle..>Rainbow Gallery threads..>Redex UdderCream.. >Reflexions and Cross Purposes.. needlework designs in kits>>The Ribbon Factory Outlet..>Ripley's unique xstitch.. >>Robins Nest Designs..>RoGrafiX.. unusual designs to stitch>>Royal Gallery of Needlepoint>Ruth's Cross Stitch Pages (resource)>>Salt and Pepper>the Sampler..>Sampler Site..>Samurai Xstitch..>Scarlet Letter..>Scarlet Letter alternative..>Scandinavian CrossStitch Co. >Scottish Samplers.. Mail order source antique sampler kits>>Scottish Tartans/Crests CrossStitch Kits..>>Serendipity Designs..>Sew and So .. needlework supplies in the UK>>Sewot .. Egyptian, Religious, sports, alphabets, etc.. in UK..>>Sew Fancy.. >Silken Thread Designs>Silver Threads & Golden Needles>Shepherd's Bush Best Page..> >SilverThreads..>Sip'nStitch >Snowgoose..>Solaria Gallery.. religious xstitch charts etc..> >Something In Common..>Southwest Decoratives..>>Specialist Needlework & Burford Needlecrafts.. supplies in UK>>Spider's Web.. wide assortment of needlework kits..>>StitchArt Useful Hints..>Spirit of Xstitch(SOXS)>Stitch Niche..>Stitcher's Habit..>Stitcher's Haven..>Stitcher's Heaven..>Stitchers at ABQ..>Stitcher's Mill>Stitcher's Paradise>Stitchery Nook..>Stitches Aweigh.. (US Coastguard xstitch kits)>>STITCHES TO GO (MY FAVORITE MAIL ORDER SOURCE)>>Stitchlets.. xstitch card kits.. in UK>>StitchStuff.. >Stitching Post..>Stitching Pretty Ltd..>Stitch n' Time >Stitchville..>Stitchworks.. >Stitchworks..>Stitch Witches>StoneyCreek.. >Sudberry House..>Sue Hillis Designs..>Sue Lentz Needlework >Suffolk Cross Stitch Designs..>>SUN,MOON,& STARS Stitching Company..>Susan Clarke Originals (silk ribbon embroidery)>>

Talented Troll>Tamar Embroideries..>Tandem Cottage Needlework.. MAIL ORDER in UK for patterns, flosses,>fabrics>>TapDancing Lizard Designs..>Tattach Designs..>Terata Limited.. handmade ethnic buttons for embellishing xstitch>>TeresaWentzler's Website.. >Thea Dueck, Victoria Sampler..>>ThistleNeedleworks..>Threaded Needle...>>Threads of Grace..>Thumbelina Needlework >TIKKIT.. needlecraft supplies in UK>>Told In A Garden.. >Too Sisters Designs..>Tracey's Table..> >TreeTrunk Designs..>Twilleys.. tapestry, xstitch, longstitch, etc..>>Two Hags in a Bag.>>UK SITES OF STITCHING INTEREST..>>Uncharted Territory..>>Velo Tapestry Studio..>>Vermillion Stitchery.>Village Stitchery..>>W E Designs.. British Military vehicles,crests, kits>>Welcome to Hardanger 101..>>West View Designs..>>Wichelt Imports..>Willow Fabrics.. mail order source for many design kits.>>Witches Stitches..>Wonderful Stitches WWW..>Wonderful Things..>Wool & Crafts.. needlework,knitting, rughooking, etc.. supplies UK>>Wooly Dreams Design ..>Wyndham Needleworks..>X-Stitch Images (photo to chart)>XSTITCHBUDDIES homepage..>XStitch Pals Homepage..>Yesterday Designs.. oriental, dutch windmills etc..>>>>>> >

May 1, 1999